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Micro Maxi ECO Deluxe Scooter


Now your little one can explore the planet and protect it, too. The Maxi Deluxe ECO is a kids kick scooter made from recycled fishing nets.

  • Kickboard and brake created with recycled materials from the maritime industry – discarded and obsolete fishing gear, ropes, trawls – that would've otherwise been dropped into the sea.
  • Loved for its super smooth glide, the Maxi's 3-wheel kickboard-style ride feels a little like being on a skateboard, but with more control.
  • Great for school aged or taller children as the adjustable T-bar (handlebar) grows with your child or tween from age 5-12 years, up to 50 kg.
  • All parts are replaceable so you never throw it away– pass it on to a sibling, cousin or friend when your young one is done!

Ages:  5-12 years