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Micro Maxi Deluxe Scooter With LED Wheels


The bold look of the Deluxe Maxi takes scooting to new heights with an anodized steering column & silicon detailing on the deck for extra grip. 
Ages:  5-12 years
  • High-performance lean-to-steering allows for easy learn to slalom on sidewalks 
  • The 3 wheels offer greater stability, but also a sportier and more playful ride. 
  • New riders can have immediate fun while busy learning to develop their riding style!
  • Advanced young riders can learn to slalom and carve using their body weight with a motion similar to riding a skateboard or snowboard but with even greater maneuverability and a tighter turning radius
  • Perfect for getting kids active while they develop balance, coordination and confidence!
  • Official load rating: 50kg (Actual load rating: 70kg)
  • Incredibly quiet, smooth & stable ride means more enjoyment!
  • Solid construction with a non-sagging fiber-glass reinforced deck
  • Adjustable handlebar grows with your child
  • Double rear wheels and rear foot brake for extra safety