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Janod - Minikids Wooden Magnetic World Map


We have run out of stock for this item.

Learn more about animals and where they live with this magnetic map of the world.  This soft-hued large planisphere will fascinate curious little ones and animal lovers alike. Place the 40 baby animals in the right environment!  To help children with this, a large double-sided educational poster is included that provides a lot of information to help identify, name and learn more about these animals.

The size of these animal-shaped magnets is perfect for little hands. This picture of Earth can be laid out on a desk or hung via its string. This set of magnets can also be used for many other purposes, e.g. to prompt little ones’ imaginations as they invent stories and make the animals come to life on the board. 

Size:  42 x 29.7 x .95 cm.  Ages: 2 years+