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Janod - My Pastry Workshop


In this pastry workshop set you will find everything you need to imagine yourself as a renowned pastry chef!  First step of the recipe, you weigh the ingredients using the pretty wooden scales. A box of sugar made of cardboard, a sachet of flour in fabric, a milk bottle made of wood, an egg with hook-and-loop closure and a bar of chocolate are included in this baking kit.  Mix everything in the bowl with the metal whisk and roll out your beautiful felt cake dough using the rolling pin perfect for little hands. The spatula will ensure that none is left in the bowl!

What shapes should you make the delicious shortbread biscuits? Why not make doughnuts using the serrated wheel?  Two metal moulds in the shape of a bear and a rabbit head allow you to create 4 cute animal biscuits!

Includes:  18 accessories such as a scale, box of sugar, bag of flour, bottle of milk, whisk, rolling pin, spatula, and more!   

Size:  24 x 12 x 22 cm.  Ages: 3 years+