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Playmobil - Meteoroid Destroyer


Launch your own space missions with the cool Meteoroid Destroyer. The richly detailed play set includes a meteoroid destroyer with a swivelling articulated arm and functioning cannon to shoot down approaching rocks. Little space adventurers can slip into the role of an astronaut and experience great intergalactic adventures. 
Includes:  astronaut, space helmet,  meteoroid destroyer with 2 double cannons, 2 flaps large, 2 flaps small, 1 cover, 1 nozzle, 1 flame with holder, 2 covers, 4 antennas 1 rock, 5 arrow bullets, 1 drill, 1 drill holder, 1 articulated arm, 1 drive module astronaut,1 pair of astronaut shoes, 1 pair of bracers, 2 cables, 1 dynamite
Ages:  4 years+