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Playmobil - Observatory for Dimorphodon


At the same time as the dimorphodon, the drone takes off from the observation station and follows its trajectory. At the pond, water samples are examined and the feeding behaviour of the dinosaur is observed.

Hidden snugly within his hollow tree stump, the dino researcher observes the Dimorphodon while it searches for food. Using his flexible drone with a camera, he captures close-up shots without disturbing the large flying reptile. Later, he conducts further research with the microscope. What a successful day of exploration! 

Includes:  man, 1 dimorphodon, flying lizard, tree stump with plant, pond with plants,  microscope with table, petri dish, drone with camera, 1 remote control, cap and  dinosaur knowledge card

Box size: 9.76 x 7.36 x 3.62 in.  Ages: 4 years+