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Playmobil - Starter Pack Mermaids


Have fun playing under the sea with the PLAYMOBIL Starter Pack Mermaids. Deep down in the ocean under the colourful light of the rainbow, the mermaids play happily with their sea friends. Seahorse, baby dolphin and sea turtle compete with the lively mermaids. After the competition, everyone meets at the rainbow and decorates it with the coloured diamonds. The rainbow can be decorated as desired with the included diamond pins in three colours. PLAYMOBIL Starter Packs are the ideal introduction to the big colourful PLAYMOBIL universe.
Includes: two Playmobil figures, baby dolphin, sea turtle, two seahorses, starfish, rainbow, shells and many other magical extras. 

Size:  10" x 3" x 7.5" .  Ages 4 years+