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Playmobil - Stegosaurus Nest With Egg Thief


Embark on a dino adventure with the PLAYMOBIL Stegosaurus Nest with Egg Thief set. As the dino researcher examines an egg, a greedy Velociraptor sneaks in. However, the voracious dino didn't account for the clever researcher, who drives it away with a net. Now, the little Stegosaurus can hatch peacefully from its egg.
The PLAYMOBIL Dinosaur World invites children to immerse themselves in thrilling role-playing adventures and experience the fascination of these giant reptiles at home.
Includes: man; Animals: velociraptor, baby stegosaurus,  fold-out dinosaur egg,  laptop, camera, basket, tape measure, compass, base plate, tuft of grass, plants, net, and dinosaur knowledge card.
Box size:  7.36 x 5.59 x 1.85 in.  Ages: 4 years+