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Pomea Soft Body Doll - Dalhia Purple


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Baby Dahlia Purple has beautiful blue eyes that open and shut and wears a stylish dress made from 100% cotton double-gauze material and a cute hat in soft colours.  It is perfectly sized for little arms to carry due to it's light weight and size (32 cm). The flexible soft body, made of printed cotton fabric, enables it to be positioned like a real baby. The face, arms and legs are made of soft, smooth neutral-scented vinyl.

We love this doll because both the doll and its clothes are machine washable at 30 degrees. It comes with loose-fitting clothes that have hook-and-loop fastening for easy dressing & undressing. The head turns from left to right and the soft body contains 100% recycled fibres.

Caring for your doll through role-play is a great way for little ones to develop social and empathetic skills. It also helps develop nurturing and fine motor skills.

Includes: 32 cm doll, pants, 1 dress & scarf.  Size: 32 cm. Ages: 18 months+