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Ravensburger Scotland Yard - Sherlock Holmes Board Game


In Victorian London, the most famous detective Sherlock Holmes and his team are hunting the mysterious criminal Moriarty. The chase takes place across the city, and the detectives have to work together to catch him.

Sherlock Holmes players slip into the roles of Sherlock Holmes, his brother Mycroft, and his companions Dr. Watson, Inspector Lestrade, and Irene Adler and pursue Moriarty throughout the streets of London. The pursued Moriarty can be seen only rarely, and he can secretly use a hot air balloon to cover his tracks and move elsewhere quickly. If he remains undetected to game's end, he wins, so the detectives need to work together and use their special abilities skillfully to bring him to justice.

Includes: game board, 6 playing pieces, 29 start tickets, 134 tickets for different means of transportation, 10 character chips, 6 player boards, journey board, 1 eye protection, 3 bobby pins, 15 crime scene cards & instructions

Box size:  10.8" x 14.7".  Players: 2 -6.  Ages:  8-99 years