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Studio Series Travel Sketch Kit


This attractive, portable, all-in-one 40 piece travel sketch kit lets you draw anytime, anywhere!  The sturdy zippered case protects and organizes all of the included art supplies needed to create amazing sketches.

Includes: 12 graphite pencils, 3 graphite sticks, 1 woodless soft graphite pencil, 1 plastic/vinyl pencil eraser, 1 pencil extender, 3 charcoal pencils, 3 charcoal sticks, 4 charcoal willow sticks, and 1 kneaded charcoal eraser.

Also includes: 4 pastel pencils, 2 paper blending stumps, 1 dual-tipped rubber blender, 1 plastic sharpener, 1 two-hole sharpener, and 1 sandpaper block and 31 elastic slots to hold all your tools in place.

Case size: 7-1/2'' W x 11-5/8'' H x 1-1/2'' D