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The Genius Square Game


Named as such because you'll have to be one if you want to win.

Each player gets their own grid and a set of 9 uniquely shaped game pieces. At the start of the game, roll the seven dice and then each player places the "blocker" pieces onto their grid according to the coordinates printed on the dice.

Now the challenge begins!

Thinking as fast and as cleverly as possible, players must use their game pieces to fill in the open spaces of their grid.

The first player to complete their grid wins the game!

Discover who among your friends and family really is the ultimate genius with the intensely challenging Genius Square.

Includes: 2 Genius Square grids, 2 sets of nine coloured shapes, 2 sets of 7 blocker pieces, set of 7 dice, detailed game rules and instructions. 

Players: 1-2.  Ages:  6 years+