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Tutti Frutti Modelling Dough - Burgers Trio Kit


Children create delicious looking burgers and hot dogs with the burgers trio kit.  Three tubs of scented and coloured dough can be combined for endless colour and smell combinations.   Includes: Three tubs of Tutti Frutti modelling dough: yellow (banana), green (lime) and red (cherry), 4 buns and vegetables molds, 1 roller, 1 cutter, and 1 extruder.  Made in Canada.  Ages:  3 years+

Tutti Frutti modelling dough features the scents of real fruits and sweets is non-toxic, water-based, re-hydratable, and won't stick, stain or crumble. 

Creative activities like modelling dough have several benefits including increasing confidence, developing motor skills, and exercising imaginations.  This is ideal for individual quiet time or as a group activity.  Ages 3 years+